When solving issues, we always immediately get down to the point and then show you actual results. No unnecessary words needed. This is the main rule of the TTM team. In this regard, we thank you for your attentiveness and for not being indifferent. The problem is now resolved. Now, let’s put everything in order.

Recently, we found out from bank representatives that they set a commission for servicing our cards at $ 2 per month! For us this was a big and very unpleasant surprise. If you buy something, for example via the Internet, you expect the courier to arrive at your door and deliver the goods you ordered at the price you paid. Hidden or unexpected expenses cause only anger. We do not welcome such things and we believe this to be unfair.

In this regard, we decided that for all users who have already purchased a TTM card through the platform, we will simply gift $ 20.

As for further actions with TTM cards, negotiations with bank reps are held every day, but due to the current situation, we decided that starting from 25.03.2020 TTM cards will cost $ 100 (in TRX equivalent) with a monthly service fee of $ 2. Moreover, now this commission can no longer be changed.


Therefore, Embily / TO THE MOON cards can now be replenished through direct SWIFT transfers.

There are no restrictions on the amount of transfer and everything that you can’t upload to your card account will be on your Pending balance. As soon as your regular account balance has less than $ 13,000, money from the pending balance will automatically be sent to your regular account.

Admission periods: one business day, commission: 2.5%, but not less than $2.

Thank you again for your patience while we figured it out!

TTM Team



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