Strategies of experienced players

Have you just started your space career or have you already become an experienced astronaut? Don’t know anything about the market yet, or are you already an advanced user? Are you a beginner or a professional? It doesn’t matter, because it’s never too late to learn. In our article, you will discover the most successful strategies for winning races by the player who has been taking the first places in the leaderboard for a long time — Karlen Danielyan, better known as Baltazar.

How to compile an investment portfolio and win? Let’s figure it out!

Before entering the race, first of all, you need to open the website of Binance exchange. It is best to add all 25 assets that are available on our TO THE MOON platform to favorites. Done? Great, let’s fly on.

Now we analyze the daily chart, that is, look at how the dynamics of coins changed during the day, and identify clear trends. For example, if we see that NEO has declined sharply and continues its march south, we can assume that the bearish trend will persist. Do not choose assets with implicit dynamics (those that go up and down in a range).

As in the race we bet on a rally of an asset, we need to find those that witness a sustained rise. Having selected several coins with proper dynamics, it is best to open a 5-minute timeframe and make sure that the currency also goes up on the short-term chart. By the way, all quotes are in free and friendly-user access on the website of Binance exchange, so you do not need to open a million tabs in the browser and search for information on third-party resources.

Time to fill up the fuel tank! Certainly, the percentage of the most ‘promising’ asset (the one that, in your opinion, will show the strongest rally) should be higher. Let’s assume that on the chart VET currency is going north in a sustained manner. In this case, we can take 50% of blue VET with us and add, for example, 20% of MATIC and 30% of XMR.

Let’s go to the Moon! When all players enter the game, the race starts. During the flight, we can view the portfolios of other players, just place the cursor over the opponent’s ship or open the list of players at the bottom of the screen.

By the way, during the race, you can share your results — just click the ‘SHARE’ button in the upper-left corner of the screen. You can do this in Telegram, Twitter, or on FB. Moreover, your referral link will already be integrated to the message. In other words, if another user enters the race using the link that you sent them, they will immediately be added into your referral system. This is very convenient!

After the race, you should go back to Binance website to analyze your portfolio, as well as the portfolios of other players, and see which currencies strengthened and brought the desired results, and which ones pulled us down. Moreover, at the end of the flight, you will have access to statistics of the last race, where you can also see which assets were the most profitable, and which ones nosedived.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated here! There is no need to be afraid of digital coins, because on the website of Binance exchange you will find very friendly-user and convenient charts that even a beginner who has never dealt with the game or the market can understand.

So follow the quotes and choose the best currencies that will help you to win the race, no matter how long it lasts: 10 minutes, an hour or 24 hours. We wish you good luck, pleasant flights and a soft landing!




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