🔥 Instagram contest by TO THE MOON 🔥

Dear earthlings, we’re kicking off the competition on the most creative and catchy video about the way you’re spending your self-isolation time with TO THE MOON.


1️⃣ Post a stories, IGTV or a post-format video showcasing the way TO THE MOON is helping you cope with the overwhelming negative information pressure. This clip may contain the recordings of races; demonstration of the new features of the cryptocard — primarily, TRX deposits; or any creative related to us, to the space and cryptomarket, etc.

2️⃣ Tagging us is imperative, while also keeping your account open for public. Make sure the following tags and hashtags are included: @justinsun, @tothemoon.space, @tothemoon.game; #TRX, #TronFoundation, #Crypto, #ToTheMoon.

💰 Rewards

Apart from , once the promo is over, we’ll pick the best author who will choose the prize between AirPods Pro or customized golden TO THE MOON cryptocard. The promo is starting from now on and is scheduled to last until May 15th. We’re looking for you creatives ;)



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