How to Win on TTM Platform: 5 Useful Tips

TO THE MOON is a gaming platform where everyone can take part in a virtual race to the Moon, compile their own investment portfolios, make predictions on digital currencies, and gain real money prizes!

This is not just entertainment or gambling but also an opportunity to learn the basics of the market, become a professional player, and, certainly, earn money!

But before you start, we would like to give you some recommendations on how to play and win.

Tip 1. Start with free races and get a profound understanding of their mechanics

On TO THE MOON platform you can play for free and gain real money. To learn without losing your finances start with freerolls. These tournaments help players to get insight into basic market principles, dig deep into gaming mechanics, and prepare themselves for real competitions.

You can participate in free competitions an unlimited number of times, which helps you to analyze your own mistakes without any risks and try again and again until you are satisfied with the results. By the way, in our races we use Binance API and update exchange rates real time.

Tip 2. Learn to analyze market. Look into Binance interface

As you know, the digital asset market is very volatile (it is exposed to quick and constant changes) however don’t be afraid of it as to become good at trading you have to know the main basic principles. For this you may use Binance exchange. On the site you will find quote changes accompanied by transparent graphs. Moreover, here you can buy digital currencies and choose a convenient way of asset trading. The exchange also offers blockchain and crypto education as well as enterprise exchange solutions.

Tip 3. Watch videos from top players and founders of the platform

Every week, on our Youtube channel we hold broadcasts with the company’s founder Vladislav Utushkin as well as with other key managers who are currently first-class top players and true professionals in their field. However, a few years ago, like many of you, they just began to delve into this topic. Back then, there was no such secure training platform that would allow you to train without losing money. So they had to go a long way and waste a lot of money before they reached the professional level. And now, they share their experience with you and tell you about the features of TO THE MOON gaming platform completely free of charge.

Tip 4. Choose your strategy on the basis of analysis

Don’t rely on pure luck as it may turn you down — this is not a reliable approach. What to do? It’s better to work out your own strategy. But how? The easiest way is to watch other players and learn from other people’s mistakes.

Our platform offers each user to watch races. For this you have to log in (or sign up if you don’t have an account yet), enter the ‘RACES’ tab -> current races and there click on the WATCH button.

You will be able to watch the race, see players’ bets, analyze asset dynamics and understand who made the most accurate prediction.

Moreover, you will be able to personally test the strategies of top players — we will publish videos in our social networks, so don’t hesitate to subscribe!

Tip 5. Learn constantly and improve your knowledge

On our Youtube channel you will find a lot of useful videos in which top players speak about features of TO THE MOON gaming platform and share their personal experience with you for free.

Watch our videos and you will see that they are not prepared speeches on pre-written scenarios but live addresses of real people who, like many of you, once were inexperienced and unsavvy novices.

Moreover, during live broadcasts, we often give our followers nice bonuses so don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Of course, it is almost impossible to reach space heights from scratch but, believe us, some knowledge and practice, and you will definitely succeed. Follow our tips, play, develop your own strategy, follow the market and watch our YouTube channel. And most importantly, do not lose faith in yourself and the Moon will become yours!




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