How to play on TTM platform without any investments?

TO THE MOON (TTM) GAME is a gaming platform where users participate in virtual races to the Moon. Players compile their own investment portfolios, making predictions on digital currencies dynamics. Those players whose forecast is the most accurate win real cash prizes!

This is not just an entertainment resource, but a reliable and transparent system suitable both for experienced traders and absolute beginners as it provides free training and opportunities for development to earn in the future. Learn more about the platform here

Moreover, on the platform there are regular tournaments with guaranteed and generous prizes, as well as a social network where you can communicate with other players, share opinions with real people and get advice from professionals.

Today, we will tell you how to play without investing money but with real profits. Do you think there’s a catch? You’re wrong! Read on and we will tell you how to learn and earn without any risks to your money.

First things first

Tournaments are races with an unlimited number of participants. They can be of several types:

1) Free tournaments with a prize pool (freerolls)

2) Tournaments where each player must pay for participation

3) Free tournaments where you need a special code to participate

4) Tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool granted by the organizers; it increases with each participant’s contribution

Do you always have to pay?

Not at all, because we suggest trying yourself in freerolls, i.e. free races with real money prizes. Yes, you heard it right! Participation is absolutely free, but you can win real TRON coins.

What’s the catch?

No catch at all! As we are all for an honest and transparent system that gives players the opportunity to understand the market and the world of digital assets. You earn money, and we are happy.

How to take part in a free tournament?

To take part in a free tournament, go to, log in or sign up if you don’t have a personal account yet, go to the ‘RACES’ tab -> ‘AWAITING TOURNAMENTS’, find tournaments indicated as FREEROLLS and click on the ‘JOIN RACE’ button. Here you are! The race has begun.

Besides, you can follow the race. For this you just have to go to the ‘RACES’ tab -> ‘ACTIVE RACES’/‘ACTIVE TOURNAMENTS’ and click on the ‘WATCH NOW’ button. More information about what the race is on TO THE MOON GAME platform can be found here

Now you can see that we are not naughty teachers who just wait for a student to make a mistake or want to catch him, and we have no intention to make money on your failures. You play for free and learn, earning real money.

Moreover, participation in freerolls is not limited, you can play every day and win real cryptocurrency! And when you are ready, go and compete with top professionals who have recently been just inexperienced beginners like many of you today.



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