🚀 EXMO Cosmos Trading Cup 🚀

Dear TOTHEMOONers, we’re finally ready to kick off the 6th season of TO THE MOON League. This time, it will be jointly organized with the largest cryptocurrency exchange of the CIS region, EXMO.

April 12th, the Cosmonautics Day marks the start of the first of the 8 qualification rounds of the Cup. These 8 races will define the 50 players who are going to participate in the main tournament. These 50 players will be divided into 10 groups of 5 players each. After the 5 group rounds, 2 players out of each group will qualify for the elimination rounds. After 1/4 and 1/2 face-to-face rounds, the 5 players will define the champion in the Grand Final.

💲The main prize pool of the tournament 💲

🏆 1st place — 2,000 USDT

🥈 2nd place — 1,200 USDT

🥉 3rd place — 800 USDT

4th place — 600 USDT

5th place — 400 USDT

Also, TO THE MOON and EXMO will arrange additional promo competitions with extra prize funds. More info on the additional promos is coming in the following announcements.

❗️Important notice: in order to participate you should fill out the Application Form and have an account on EXMO Exchange.



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