Dear TO THE MOON Community,

We’re excited to announce our new Chief Commercial Officer — Karlen Danielyan!

An entrepreneur with over 10 years of professional experience, with a strong background in the strategic launch of new products and sales. Karlen has a talent in opening international branches from scratch, as well as developing complex business processes. He’s also a pro when it comes to the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms — he has been working in this segment for more than 3 years.

The story of how Karlen became a member of the TO THE MOON family is not just interesting, but also very demonstrative of how simple curiosity can result in a story of success. It all started back in September 2019, when Karlen saw a social media post by Vladislav Utushkin, who posted about something called TO THE MOON. The post attracted Karlen’s attention, because it told about a simple game wherein one could win $500 in just three minutes. A “race to the moon”, which would be held that evening, with an entrance fee of 5000 TRX. After asking Vladislav about this, Karlen got a link to the website To put it in Karlen’s words: “The website was super easy to navigate and I quickly figured it out — I registered on the platform, which automatically created my personal in-game wallet, and I immediately replenished my account with 5000 TRX. No issues whatsoever, since I was already familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies”.

And so, the only thing left was to wait for the race to start, later that evening. Karlen joined, putting together his portfolio, three minutes past, and…he won! Afterwards, Karlen told Vladislav that it was indeed him, who took the $500 bank. Vlad congratulated him and invited him to a messenger chat for Beta-testers of the game (back then, we had on of those). In this chat, Karlen met and befriended a lot of people, and even found more about the platform — about the premium package, the affiliate program, the referral system. It was then that he realized that TO THE MOON is not just a fun game, but most importantly, a transparent and serious business platform.

Without thinking twice, Karlen then bought a premium account and became a TO THE MOON Partner. Back then, there were about 25–30 Partners. At the time of writing this, approximately 563. The most important thing for Karlen, as he says was that: “it was a trending story, a long-term vision, and a combination of blockchain technology, the gaming segment, and even some gambling”. Something like this would be trending for many more years and would only intensify. Obtaining a premium account for Karlen was a simple business investment, as he did not expect anything else of it.

After a month and a half, Karlen sat down, studied the platform in-depth, counted the mathematical opportunities of the referral program, and considered what he could personally could earn by attracting other players. Having made these calculations, Karlen realized that you can actually earn a lot, even getting to a point of an impressive passive income. Karlen decided to start creating his own TO THE MOON network: he first bought an account for his wife, then for his son, and some more for his friends…When this plan started bearing fruit, Karlen began to invite really strong Partners, to assemble a team in order to start attracting a large number of players to the platform. His goal was to attract about 250K to 300K players in one year from the official launch of the platform. Meanwhile, technical development was already in full speed, TO THE MOON attracted top experts in all areas and had built a dream team. The only thing left was to wait for the official launch!

Then TO THE MOON came up with crypto-supported bank cards (we’ll tell you all about them in a separate post), which he also studied. This is what makes Karlen who he is — he’s deeply convinced that if you want to do something and promote or sell a product, any product, you must be well versed in it. Karlen became completely immersed in the product of the TO THE MOON card. He actually started selling them, started telling his own network about them, explaining why this was yet another cool product. Over a month and a half, he sold about 100 cards. He knew — this will attract a large number of customers as soon as the platform is fully ready to support them.

After a while, Karlen realized that the focus of his projects, his investments, had in their majority shifted to TO THE MOON. Friends and family noticed he’d become happier and gained a lot of energy. It was from this moment that he realized he wanted to do more for TO THE MOON; being a Partner was just not enough. Karlen wanted to take the burden of an entire segment and develop it further. He expressed his wishes and suggestions, ideas, and his own vision, because he saw great potential for the platform and for himself being part of it. As you can imagine, the TO THE MOON team couldn’t not notice Karlen’s awesome skills, experience, and personality traits. So, we made him an offer he couldn’t refuse! Now, all questions regarding the development of the affiliate network, the platform as a whole, as well as all business proposals from Partners can be directed to him!

Please welcome our new Chief Commercial Officer — he’s here for the long run!